Hydraderm Spa Day with Guinot

A few weeks ago, I was invited by the Alberta Regional Manager of Sopar International, Michelle Cochrane, who’s responsible for distribution of Guinot Paris products to spas in the area, to learn about Guinot’s latest product; the Vital Energy Hydraderm Facial Machine. This is the latest anti-aging tool from Guinot and it’s currently being launched in North America and soon around the world following the European launch earlier this year. Right away I was intrigued, I’ve heard so many great things about the exclusive Parisian brand and the opportunity to witness first hand what the buzz was around the Hydraderm machine was too good to pass up!

The event was set up as a learning opportunity for Spa owners that Michelle supports to learn about the new machine and to see it live in action. There was a beautiful presentation where we learned about how the machine stimulates cellular activity in the skin while targeting each beauty need from moisturization, youthfulness, purity and skin nutrition. What I learned was that the new revolutionary patented machine provides the alternative to aesthetic surgery by increasing the biological and cellular activity within the skin, stimulating cells to repair and rejuvenate. And that amazingly after one treatment, you can expect instant results that reveal a younger, healthier and more radiant complexion.

What also caught my eye about the machine, was the combination of a sleek design with technology. The machine itself has an adjustable tactile screen and real time treatment videos embedded in it, making it easy to follow along during a facial treatment for consistent results every time!

Now for the fun part, Michelle did a demonstration on the beautiful Ania on one half of her face to show the dramatic results.¬†You can clearly see on the right side (your right) of Ania’s face that her brow is visibly lifted, her cheekbone looks more sculpted and that side is generally plumper just from one treatment!

Here’s a clip of Michelle talking a little more about the Hydraderm machine and its benefits. Now who’s ready for a spa day? I know I am!

The swag bags from Guinot were not too shabby either, I’ve been enjoying the masks especially!

Beauty hack: I like to put the masks in the fridge for some time before I put it on my face, the extra cooling feels so good!

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