Luxe Fall babywearing…Oscha & baby Camel hair

When Oscha contacted me and asked if I would be interested in testing out a new prototype wrap for them I was all for it! Oscha is relatively new to me but a well established babywearing company from Scotland. They make such pretty wraps and are known for their care of the environment. And with my husband being 3/8th Scottish (and our baby being 3/16th) well it felt like it was meant to be, also I really enjoy wrapping and would have found any reason to say yes haha!

Here’s my review..

The changing seasons from Summer to Fall is what this Oscha prototype reminds me of. Could be the green interwoven with the bronze-y brown that reminds me of the leaves going from green to golden brown 🍃🍂. I don’t know if this will be the final name but the tag says Oscha Will and it is in the Sekai pattern.

This wrap is a size 6 and it is 37% Organic Combed Cotton, 16% Linen, and 47% Baby Camel Hair. My wrappee is 9 months old and around 20lbs.

For our first up in this wrap, I carried my baby for about 1.5 hours for her first nap, which is normally 40mins or so, in an Autumn’s Ruck, which has two passes over baby. It was a very comfortable carry and right away I was impressed. The wrap doesn’t have much stretch to it; on a scale of stretchiness with 10 being the most stretchy, I’ll give it a 1.5 which I attribute to the linen and that helps with making it quite supportive. The baby camel hair is a first for me, it’s definitely not scratchy but I wouldn’t call it soft either, it feels like a wooly sweater and for reference more texture than cashwool. I think this makes it feel good on the shoulders as it provides some cush, though I wouldn’t say it’s very cushy. I thought it had an animal smell to it, not overwhelming but reminded me say a goat, if you’ve ever gotten a chance to smell a clean one haha. Now that I’ve wrapped a few times, it smells more like me and less 🐫 . This wrap is on the thinner side in hand, see the pictures of the candy cane pond finish I’ve attached, but somehow still feels great for the dropping temperatures, again must be the baby camel hair, which I’m now a fan of. This wrap is great for petting and I find myself rubbing my hands over it while baby sleeps. I’ve tried to show the texture up close of the tiny baby camel hairs. I think this wrap is going to break in nicely and I wonder if/how soft the baby camel will get, if you’ve tried baby camel please let me know?

On this day, it was 16C and sunny and I wore babe and walked to and from babytime class; the goddess ruck for about 30 mins to class, and the front reinforced torso carry with pond finish for about 70 mins from class and for a wrap nap. (The walk is only 25 mins, just didn’t want to wake a sleeping baby).



Overall I think this wrap has a good balance with the blends, provides warmth but not hot, very supportive yet on the thinner scale with nice texture and a little glide. I think this will be great from the newborn stage and beyond.

What do you think?

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  1. Bella
    October 7, 2018

    Great post!! Being from Nigeria, Baby wrapping isn’t such a new phenomenon for me. But I love the detail in which you go on to explain and the differ textures of fabrics being used.

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