Rihanna did that…Fenty Beauty ftw

Even if you’re not tuned into the world of beauty, you surely would have heard that Bad Gal Riri shook things up with the launch of her Beauty Line, Fenty Beauty. Not only for the quality and professionalism of the global launch but particularly the inclusiveness and the diverse range of complexion products for gals and guys of all different shades. It’s funny because it is 2017, and yet it is STILL a big deal to be included in a major beauty launch. Most of the time, make up brands accidentally-on-purpose forget about anyone who’s darker than say Rihanna’s shade, and its always the same excuses…oh it’s coming out later in the year, oh it’s not going to sell, or it’s too difficult to produce or worse they come out with one or two ‘dark shades’ and it’s like why can’t you just be grateful for that and make it work.

Well wo(men) of colour, (and even our very pale fellow humans) are rejoicing, Fenty Beauy came out the gate with 40 complexion shades with talk of even more to come! And there’s the other makeup products in the line, such as the widely popular Killawatt Highlighters, the beautifully universal lip luminizer, gloss bomb and the expertly crafted makeup tools that’s got everyone giving up their hard earned coins.

Here’s my review of some Fenty Beauty products, trust more reviews to come. I am definitely a fan and I encourage you to give it a shot too.

Killawatt Highlighter – Trophy Wife

Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

Profilt’r Foundation – 450

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