Timeless Skin…

Our skincare needs vary and change over time. As we age, as the weather changes, as our lifestyles evolve, so do the needs of our skin.

In your 20s, the usual concern is acne and damage prevention. Your habits in your 20s really set the tone for the rest of your life. Sunscreen is everything at this stage!

In your 30s, if you’re like me the priority becomes finding the right products. I’ve learned I have dry/combination skin, and especially so in the winter months. I might develop dry patches if I’m not well moisturized. I usually don’t have to worry about acne but because my skin is prone to dryness, finding the right moisture balance for me is key.

In your 40s, the focus is usually on smoothing, plumping and maintaining firmness. If you’ve slacked on the sunscreen over the years, you might find your skin looks a little dull. To combat this, you might look into some skin resurfacing, brightening or laser procedures. I recommend discussing with a dermatologist to determine what, if any, is right for you.

In your 50s, it switches to rejuvenation and in your 60s & beyond, its all about maintaining your well honed regimen. Stepping up your hydration game is a good idea, as our skin tends to get drier as we get older. Some people decide at this stage to look into chemical peels, fillers or botox. The key is to make sure you back up any procedure, should you decide to go for it, with a continued good skin care regimen. It’s a huge waste to spend $$$ on a procedure and not follow through at home.

This is my twice a day routine; in the morning and before bed

  • Cleanser – and a couple times a week (depending on how my skin feels) I’ll use my Clarisonic brush to exfoliate
  • Toner – for me it’s has to be moisturizing and without any alcohol so as to not dry out my skin
  • Serums –  eye and face serums, really helps to get moisture deep in the skin
  • Eye cream – because the skin around the eyes are extra sensitive. My current eye serum doubles as an eye cream, score!
  • Moisturizer –  with sunscreen in the day time and a heavier cream before bed

For me, I consider these 5 steps simple and not time consuming, (takes aprox. 5 mins) You can always add more e.g. masks, facials e.t.c. or you can scale back, e.g. you might find you do fine without a toner or serums. All depends..

Here are some pitfalls to avoid

  • Not removing your makeup before bed. Have you been guilty of this? I know I have, but I really try to make sure these occasions are few and far between. I suggest at least using make up wipes before bed, if you’re too tired to go through all your regular steps. Keep some wipes on your nightstand, just in case!
  • Thinking the more expensive a product is the better it is. This is a tricky one because sometimes it is, but definitely not all the time. My suggestion is to do some research to know exactly what the product does and if it fits your particular needs.
  • Going overboard with products or procedures when you start to notice those pesky lines. This can cause skin irritation or worse create an expressionless weird too-done doll look. Remember that aging is normal and so are those lines. With any procedure you want to end up looking great for your age but you don’t necessarily want to look 20 when you’re 60, or maybe you do and that’s fine too.

What do you think? How does your routine compare?



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