Winter has come…

Happy 2017! It’s a brand new year and old man winter is just settling in. If you live high in the northern hemisphere, where Winter comes to practice its mad chill skills, you’ve probably, at some point, asked yourself, why am I living in a place that hurts my face? What are fingers? Why is the sun gone by 4pm? But then you see the beautiful snow covered mountains or you realize you now have an excuse to drink hot chocolate every day or that cashmere makes almost everything better and so you cheer up a little.

This was one of those classic Calgary winter days…deceptively sunny and bright with a crisp cold chill. Determined to go find some winter cheer, I braved this frigid -20C day with the essentials…leather and fur.

These boots are super warm and are a winter staple. I especially like that they’re stain resistant, I think it’s the cow hide. Come to think of it, when last did you see a really dirty cow? The super soft fur is fox. They are by Pajar, a Montreal based company that I stumbled upon a few years ago.

I always feel good buying Canadian, takes away any shopping guilt. It’s like oh it’s Canadian, gotta support, take my money haha.

My jacket is by Mackage, also a Montreal based company, the ultimate for style and function. Multiple pockets, down filled, leather accents and a mighty hood. The best.

These Michael Kors gold zippered gloves are admittedly more style than function, love them on days above -10C.

What are your winter go-tos that make you happy and warm?

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