Highlighters…Shine bright like a diamond!

Highlighters are so fun! And so on trend right now, I think there are some of us that have collectively reached the point where we’re trying to communicate with aliens with our shiny glowy skin. And then there are some of us who are more so in the ‘less is more’ camp when it comes to highlighters. Either way, highlighters are here to stay for a while and I’m here for it!


On that here’s a collection of my (current) favourite highlighters and why I like them.

If you’ll like to see me attempt to wear all 7 highlighters I discuss in the video above, watch this. I literally like to bathe in this stuff – it makes me so happy!

I hope you enjoyed these videos, let me know, are you into highlighters? Do you attempt to communicate with aliens in space with your glow?

If you’re interested in trying any of the highlighters mentioned, I’ve linked where I picked them up in the description boxes of the videos. As a bonus you can get 35% off Gerard Cosmetics with the code ’35OFF’ on their website! Pretty sweet!

Glow on Cocos! 🙂

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