We’re on Youtube now!

Hii! Im excited to tell you that I have decided to try my hands at making Youtube videos! I’ve gotta say so far, I’ve learned just how much work is involved in making a video and I have a real appreciation for folks out there putting out quality videos consistently. I still don’t know the half of it, but I figure I can learn along the way.

Lately I’ve really been trying to focus on not overworking things to the point of paralysis. I heard a quote that really resonated with me…’Don’t let the pursuit of perfection be the enemy of good.’ So I’ve decided even though this first video isn’t perfect, it is good enough and this way it leaves A LOT of room for me to grow and improve haha..

My Youtube channel will be an extension of this blog, so I’ll be discussing similar topics and really just be having a good time with it. Definitely check it out and as they say, thumbs up & subscribe! 🙂

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