Ski bunny adventures

Happy Monday Cocos! I hope the week started great for you and you’re keeping up the motivation to work towards your fitness goals. When I’m motivated and excited, working out at the gym is a world of fun.¬†I enjoy the whole process. Planning out my workouts, figuring out what movements I need to perform to work certain muscle groups. Dare I say, I even enjoy cardio on the gym machines and with my gym’s super fast wifi, it’s easy to get a good run in while watching a couple episodes of Archer.

But sometimes, even that can get a little monotonous and when that happens I know I’ve got to switch things up. And so, on New Years Eve, when my husband planned a cross-country ski trip in Kananaskis, I was game. It was just what I needed to shake things up.

I’ve been cross-country skiing a couple times, but definitely very well still in the learning phase. So needless to say, I was a little nervous but not too worried as I had a secret weapon in my back pocket – a flask of baileys….you know, to keep us warm and loose lol.

NYE was a beautiful sunny day in the Rockies. Of course it was cold, but it wasn’t windy, the temperature was around -10C, and so with the right layers and our flask, we were ready. Plus there was a lot of snow, which was great for breaking my many falls haha.

Super cool right?! That’s a friend of ours skiing out in Revelstoke. They get so much powder, as the skiers say. And that’s exactly how I also looked coming down this small slope.

See?…..100% the same.

Okay not quite the same. But I did learn something (yet again) that I hope to remember throughout life.

It doesn’t matter if you fall or how many times you fall, it’s the getting up that counts!

I hope that resonates with you too and inspires you to try something new, and not only with fitness. This is something we can apply to other aspects of our lives….who knows you might discover something new about yourself or even be a ‘natural’ like me…and that’s okay too.

Smiling as if I hadn’t just fallen on my butt a few moments before.

What different things or activities have you tried when you need to shake things up?

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