Slay party season

2017 brings with it a calendar full of events. And with it being winter, there seems to be quite a few house parties lined up. Must be the cold encouraging folks to stay in and hang with friends and loved ones.

I wanted to share some tips on how to slay being the perfect party guest this year.

Most people know to take something with, when invited to a party. If you don’t, well now you do. And most people usually take something they would like to share with others at the party, e.g. wine, home-made bread, cheese platter, etc. which is great.

Some people also know to minimize work for the host. For instance, a thoughtful host gift can be flowers. But depending on the event and size of the party, this might not work well. Because in addition to entertaining, your host now has the unplanned work of finding the right vase, cutting stems, filling the vase with water e.t.c. The key is to be mindful of the impact of what you gift.

My number one tip on how to really slay the 2017 party season, is to take two of whatever item you choose to take over. So if you’re taking a nice bottle of red, make it two. That way there’s one to share with the party and one that’s just for the host to enjoy later – a.k.a the host’s gift. Not only is that classy and a cut above, it is very thoughtful and something the host will definitely appreciate.

And that’s how you slay Cocos!

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