Bright colours make me dance

While strolling around my neighbourhood, enjoying the long weekend and catching some rays, I came across this geometrically colour splashed wall and it immediately caught my eye. There is just something about bright colours that speaks to my soul and makes me happy. And so it wasn’t long before I was dancing and vogueing in front of this happy wall. Here’s me enjoying myself  🙂

anakara, blue, orange, happy

My Ankara dress was a gift from my sister, I modified it by cutting off the sleeves – they were previously attached to the dress. I felt they were restricting my movements, the key would be not losing a sleeve or two. Bright blue and orange just pops so well together! Don’t you agree?

My ballet flats are from one of my favourite leather goods houses, Prada.

Hope this little post made you feel as happy as it made me feel, and the bright colours warmed your day! Happy week Cocos!


  1. iyle
    August 7, 2017

    Give me Colour!!! Living in Colour!!! I love it. Keep bringing Colour to our lives love.

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