Consistency for the Win

My fitness goal this year is pretty simple – Stay Consistent. I’m sure I’m like most in that it’s not difficult for me to get into a new routine. I get excited about the plans in the beginning; tracking my food, planning my workouts etc. But then weeks pass and things start to slide and sometimes I just stop altogether.

This year is going to be different, well at least the next 10 weeks. I’ve decided to work in 12 week increments, having mini goals and working towards them that way. This gives my body time to adjust to the changes and that’s also generally how long it takes to notice significant results. This is what it looks like when I’m consistent and focused. This was in Vegas, after my first WBFF fitness competition in 2014. I placed in the Top 10 (6th) in my category out of over 50 fit and strong women.

For the last couple weeks, I’ve been working through Strong Curves, this is a book I highly recommend. My close friends and family are probably tired of me raving about it and gifting the book to everyone. It is written by Bret Contreras, the Glute Guy. He’s a Phd and there’s a lot of science behind these workouts that are especially tailored to women. This doesn’t mean men can’t benefit from it. I’ve recommended this to my male friends and those who’ve tried it, have had good results. The workouts are mainly compound exercises with a huge focus on gluteal development a.k.a a whole lot of hip thrusts, squats and deadlifts.

I’ve been tracking my food and water intake and in addition to my lifts, which are 4 days a week, I’m also doing 2 cardio sessions. My cardio is mainly interval training and averages about 30 minutes a session. I plan to continue this for the next 10 weeks and then make another 12-week plan at that time. I’m also taking measurements weekly. This I find is a good way to stay on track plus it feels good when the numbers are going in the direction you want.

What about you? What are your fitness goals for 2017? And are you sticking to them so far?


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