Skin deep…

It all starts with your skin, truly think of it as your base if you will. No matter how fancy or powerful a beauty product is without the right base i.e. properly prepped base, it’s just a waste. The way I see it, why spend $$$ on beauty and make up products and not give it the proper support to shine. Think if it as money saved, you end up using less product if you prep well.

5 steps for a well prepped base

  • Get lots of sleep! Well at least enough sleep – I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night, if I’m lucky and I can sleep in, even better
  • Water is your friend. Drinks loads of it! I know some people don’t like the taste of water. If that’s you, adding some lemons should help. I love water and can tell the difference between some brands of bottled water. Tap is fine too…of course depending where you are.
  • A good consistent skincare regimen. Doesn’t have to be complicated and easy one is cleanse & moisturize twice a day. And you can always add to it depending on your skin needs, how much time you have to get ready and if you enjoy it. I think it should all be fun, it is for me and so my regimen has a few more steps to it.
  • Eat food that agrees with you. I had a friend who knew that whenever she had too much peanut butter she was gonna break out, so of course she ate too much of it and broke out lol…in her defence it is peanut butter, so she can’t be blamed, it’s just so good! But you get the idea, try to listen to your body.
  • Sunscreen is your other friend. No matter if you live in a warm or cool climate it is important. The UVB rays are the silent killers we want to protect against, even when not in direct sunlight. Yes, even if you’re blessed with a rich dark complexion, you need it also!

What’s your skincare routine?

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